Let’s talk about cherished clothing.

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Let’s talk about passing down clothes and keeping cherished items.

i love this. Kate Middleton does this a lot.

We have seen Charlotte in George's knitwear and in Harry's old Startrite shoes.
We have seen George wearing William's outfits....remember the red shorts set?

I always say to our customers, when they're buying our Traditional Spanish ranges, to keep a favourite outfit in each size.

I did this for my children. In fact each baby wore the same 0 -1month things. Daisy has worn some of Katie's dresses.
We passed so much Bob & Blossom from Daisy to Aidan.
There is something very special about the favourite clothes your children have worn.
They evoke memories.
Not much was ever knitted for my children but I've kept what was. My mother knitted one piece for each of the girls and an aunt knit a scarf.
Never underestimate the joy of good clothes for your children.
It's one of the simple pleasures

Mary xx


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